Enricko: A Special Boy


Pastor Pieters Pin,

Chaplain of Citra Kasih School &

Character Building Teacher

To tell the truth, it has been a rocky way for our son’s school life since kindergarten until now. There were a lot of disappointments, complaining, and blaming …

enrickoEnricko is a special boy to us. As parents, we have a moral responsibility to provide and to choose a right and healthy environment for our child to study. That is why we strongly want him to attend this school. Up to this time, I still want to believe that through the school system like Citra Kasih School, which emphasizes on building the student’s character, will help and enrich our son’s life to grow to be a better one.

Some time, I like to question myself, “Am I right this time to put him on Citra Kasih School?” But then, when I saw the positive changing on him during these past few months, this has overlapped all my doubts.

Small changes like “What he wants to be when he grows up” … recently, he told me that how about if he becomes a teacher when he grows up? This kind of thought is something unthinkable and not even ever mention or cross on my mind before. I was surprised to hear this (of course, surprise in a positive way). I am sure that this has to do with the school he is attending now. He must be inspired by some of the teachers here. I am very happy about this. For me, this has indirectly showed the positive impacts come from the teachers to our son.

Another change is his spirit of looking at the life. Now he has the motto of, “Even there is a big storm, I have to be able to face it and move on with my life.” Isn’t this great? … I am sure too, that this kind of spirit must be he got it since he has attended this school.

To tell the truth that through Enricko, our spiritual life has changed to more close to God. After some long years passing by, now I know that God has a purpose on our life through our son’s weaknesses. We used to complain and ask a lot of “Why” question to God … but now I thank God to send Enricko to our life. He has saved us from being apart from God. I told him that, “Through you, mam thanks God for sending you to mom and dad so that we don’t leave God anymore. You have made your parents return to believe God again.”

I believe strongly in God’s helping and God’s kindness, and I pray to God to give Enricko’s teacher the patient and care to do their jobs well with an open mind and heart. I appreciate the teachers extra effort to teach the student likes our son.

I know that there are still long ways for him to go. But one thing I believe that with the God’s blessing and helping, and through this school system and the cooperation of the teachers, these can and will contribute a lot of valuables and positive experiences for Enricko’s life.

We both like to thank to … Pastor Pieters, and all the grade 7 teachers for your helping and patient to accept and understand Enricko. Thank you ….

Jakarta, 19th January 2008

Johan & Ulfa

Enricko’s parent