My Testimony:

Yes, This Is A Miracle in My Life!

Brian Setiaputra

It is a miracle. Yes, it is a miracle. It is definitely a miracle that I am given a chance by God to write this testimony letter. To be honest, I am extremely amazed and I am speechless of how God transformed me so far. He transforms me spectacularly and wonderfully blissful through Joy Expo, a site of character learning centre in my junior high school that is held every Saturday until now and Alpha, a gift from God where I found my meaning of the life.

* * *

Teenager is known for the moment where human beings begin to think and find His identity. Who am I? What’s for do I live? What’s for do I breath? Those questions were actually flying around my head every day and many of my friends around the school. Our initial thoughts were so general. Find a lot of money, find the best wife, live with richness and prosperity, live with your children, grow old, stop working, enjoy life by doing nothing at the end of your life. My thought said that life is not that boring. Life is suppose to be dynamic and challenging. But still there were some thorns left in me and this was how my story began.

          I entered Junior High School in Citra Kasih School as a shy and very unconfident person. I lived as a messy person and didn’t achieve a lot. I remember that I had ever once rejected by my friends because my odd behaviors as some results of my lack of confidence. I couldn’t accept myself and always want to be other person who looks better in my opinion. My academic results in the first semester were terrible and disgraceful. It brought me even more to the lower level of confidence.

          But God is good. He put some good friends in my life who were in the same level as me. Once, my teacher -Mr. Pieters and now he is one of the persons in the world I respected the most – told me that there’s a meeting in every Saturday called Joy Expo. This community was different, they are lively, they are joyful, and in each of their eyes, I saw a light of hope. It was so contrast with my miserable view of life at that time.

          I joined Joy Expo retreat for the first time as a seven grader and it made some huge differences. Live with people who have an extremely positive emotion makes you positive too. It works and as I went home, I did my life just like usual. But suddenly I realized that God has just built my character and positive emotions through Joy Expo. I thanked God and praise Him and I went seven graders better than I thought even though my scores were still needed to be worried.

          But the story doesn’t end that fast, eight grader is a huge challenge. There were still big lack of confidence in my mindset and big question of life. This was a big struggle and very frustrating sometimes. Life is so complicated and confusing that I just wanted to run away from it. But once again in my identity crisis, God worked! Alpha came to Joy Expo and it was a big turning point in my life. This session was different from any other. This community was brave enough to touch a sensitive, a vital part of human life which is a purpose of life. So it was named Joy Expo Alpha.

Through Joy Expo Alpha, God transformed me inside out slowly but sure. In the most bottom part of my life that is as a nine grader, God opened my ears wide and indirectly, He was like speaking, “Christ had died for you. Your sin had been redeemed. But He had defeated darkness and your fears. Believe Him and You shall own an eternal life. Now, live with confidence and spread the news.” Shortly the joyfulness sparked from my heart and destroyed all my wrong thoughts that bring me to the lack of confidence to nothingness. I jumped in grace and shouted to the Lord my biggest thanks.

My life was different from that time. I was feeling alive and free. It felt like when a huge hole in your heart is being closed. That hole couldn’t be closed by anything else except God. Well, no words could describe what was I’m feeling at that time. It’s amazing. As a result, my academic scores boosted, I made a lot of friends, I own an eternal life, and I found my purpose of life that is to “Glorify Thy Name”. All of them cost no money. Note that the last privilege is the most important in my life and the most vital part that made difference. Glorify Thy Name, what a powerful purpose to be done in this life!

Now I cherish this life in Jesus Christ and I enjoy the biggest privilege that God has given to me as a part of His big family. Well, once again my story didn’t end that way and my life is still writing its stories but now I’m with God and it’s all new and fresh. I’m still going to Joy Expo Alpha until now and invite new students to come nearer to Jesus Christ, my Lord. I am so excited with them, I always pray that someday God will tear down their problems and change their life the way He did to me and even more graceful than it!

That was a simple short story about me. I pray that it will be a blessing for many people who wanders in the darkness and thirsty about the meaning of life. Thank you and God bless you! Enjoy the meaning of life and cherish it!–

Serpong, April 16, 2013.

Brian Setiaputra.


Brian kini adalah siswa kelas 11 SMA BPK Penabur Summarecon Gading Serpong. Ia termasuk siswa yang tergabung dalam kelas khusus untuk siswa pilihan. Setiap Sabtu ia rajin datang sebagai aktivis senior di JOYExpo Sabtu setiap pk. 16.00 – 17.30 di Citra Garden City, Jakarta Barat. Kesaksian ini ditulisnya kurang dalam waktu sekitar ½ jam untuk disajikan dalam International Alpha Course Course Trainers of Indonesia di Thamrin City, 18 – 20 April 2013 yang dihadiri oleh Nicky Gumbel (pendiri) dari London. Alpha Course kini telah berada di 60.000 lokasi di lebih dari 160 negara di dunia diikuti oleh 20 juta peserta. Ia sedang berdoa untuk melanjutkan studi ke Harvard University.

Brian Testimoni